Friday Update - October 19, 2018

Message from the Principal We are very lucky to have two guest speakers next week.  Feel free to join us at 1:45pm on either day in the main gym to hear these speakers.  All are welcome. 

Tuesday 10/23: Fr. Jerry Hogan (cousin of Mrs. Reade) will be joining us to talk about his ministry as the National Circus Priest.  This should be a very interesting presentation!

Friday 10/26: Our second installment of the Alumni Speaker Series will feature Class of 2000 FC Graduate Brendan Shay.  Brendan does research and investigation in the paranormal and also has been on radio and TV and has his own podcast and web series.  Brendan will talk about his time at FC, his experience with paranormal investigations, and his work in the world of communications.  We realize and understand the Catholic Church's stance on the paranormal.  Please understand that this is a speech by an alum about his time at FC, how it got him to where he is today, and a little bit about what he does.  This is for entertai…

Quarterly Assessments

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, Next week we will have quarterly assessments for the first quarter.  Please see the schedule below.
Wednesday 10/17: 8:00-9:30: Period 1 9:30-9:55:  BREAK 10:00-11:30: Period 3 11:30-12:10: LUNCH 12:15-1:45: Period 5A/5B 1:50-2:33:  REVIEW/EXTRA HELP
Thursday 10/18: 8:00-9:30: Period 2 9:30-9:55:  BREAK 10:00-11:30: Period 4 11:30-12:10: LUNCH 12:15-1:45: Period 6 1:50-2:33:  REVIEW/EXTRA HELP
Friday 10/19: 8:00-9:30: Period 7 9:30-9:55:  BREAK 10:00-11:30: Period 8 11:30-2:33: MAKE UP 
Students do not need to come to school if they do not have an exam.  They can also leave once they are done for the day.  Students need a note from a parent if they are going to leave early or if they arrive late.  Students must remain in the assessment period for the entire period, there will be no early dismissal during assessment periods.  The cafeteria will serve a la carte items during break and lunch on all three days (note: there will be no lunch period on Friday).  Studen…

A Quick Reminder

Fair Volunteers!

Just a friendly reminder to show up for the fair shift that you signed up for and the following are the shift times:
7:00 am - 11:30 am 11:30 am - 4:15 pm 4:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Thank you to all the parents, family members, and friends of Fisher Catholic who have stepped up to help the Fisher Catholic Athletic Department!

Ticket takers for the 2018 Fairfield County Fair

Fisher Catholic Athletic Department needs your help!
Every year Fisher Catholic High School provides ticket takers at the Fairfield County Fair. This is one of the athletic department's LARGEST fundraisers. The department receives $7,000 for simply providing workers to take tickets at the fair.
The money the athletic department receives directly supports ALL athletic programs at Fisher Catholic. Please use the below link to sign up for a shift as a ticket taker Sign-Up

Mandated Asbestos Testing

Dear Irish, Attached are two forms notifying you of mandated asbestos testing done by the Diocese of Columbus in all schools this past summer.  While most buildings in the Diocese contains asbestos containing materials, there are currently no exposed hazards here at Fisher Catholic.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 740-654-1231.
Joe Jasinski
Click on links below:
Plan to Inform
Annual Notification of AHERA Activities

Festival Winners

The Fall Festival 50/50 raffle winner was Dick Quaintance. Dick won $260 with the winning ticket number being #9595119

Music Played at School Sponsored Events

By now, most if not all of you have heard something regarding music played at school sponsored events.  I spoke to the Superintendent yesterday to get some clarity on what we needed to be looking for regarding music for our games, dances, etc.  The intention is not "extreme censorship" where students cannot listen to music they enjoy, nor is the intention to play music that carries a message or contains lyrics that go against what we as a Catholic School stand for.
We discussed this with our student council, and they understood.  We will continue to work with our students to create playlists for dances and sporting events that fit into that category.  It is not an easy task, and sometimes a song may slip past, so we ask that if you do hear a song at an event that is questionable, you please let school administration know so we can remove it from the playlist immediately.  
In conclusion, there will be no peaceful protest at school on Thursday, the Homecoming Dance will have so…